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Hemp seed butter

The cold-pressing technology uses mechanical pressing only to express the oil content of the seeds.  No additives, flavouring agents, colorants, preservatives or heat treatment (roasting) is used during the entire process. The Zero Waste concept of the Grapoila oil production means that all the byproducts are made use of and sold as valuable food, natural cosmetics or animal feed. One of the byproducts is the oil mud forming after the settling and filtering of the pressed oil. This thick material has high oil content and also contains the fine micro parts of the seeds.

The hemp seed oil mud is rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), vitamins, minerals and antioxidant ingredients (eg. fitosterols). By consuming it we can support the immune system in the fight against deseases, as well as the cardiovascular, nervous system and the bones.

The Grapoila hemp seed butter has the natural taste of the unroasted hemp seeds. As a gourmet food it can be used for topping sandwiches, salads or pastas. Further seasoned it can be used for sauces, dips and stuffings.