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Apple vinegar

Grapoila Apple vinegar is made by natural, biologically fermentation, it does not contain preservatives or dyes. It is made exclusively from high-quality raw materials, with a gentle process, at a low temperature. During fermentation, the sugar content of the fruit is converted to acetic acid, but most of the content value of the raw material remains in the end product. It does not contain added sugar.
The vinegar is rested in oak barrels for several months after vinification, while fermentation is complete. This is also reflected in its scent (aldehydes, unlike unripened vinegars, resemble nail polish and have a pungent odor). During maturation, the flavors come together, the vinegar becomes harmonious.
Apple cider vinegar (5% acid content) can be used for cooking for pickling, marinating meats, sprinkling on salads, dressing / vinaigratte and soft drinks.