Animeal Active - feed supplement

Contain of the cold pressed oil mix: 

- flax seed oil

- hemp seed oil

- black cumin seed oil

Cold pressed oils are rich in polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids (eg. Omega 3 or 9), antioxidants, that have benefits on the health of the immune and skeletal system, and the outer covering of animals. Flax seed oils high Omega 3 fatty acid content helps to develop and maintain the heathy bones of active animals. Hemp seed oils special fatty acid content has a positive effect on the nervous system and potential jpint problem. Black cumin seeed oil supports the immun system, may have an antibacterial, antiallergic and antitumor effect.


Mix the oil daily to the regular meal. 1-2 coffee spoons (3 ml)/10 kg weigh. Under 10 kg use a few drops. 
The oil may effect the digestion and the feces individually. In case of an unpleasant effect, reduce the dose!

Due to its black cumin seed oil content, it is not recommended for cats, we will soon develop a special oil blend for them.