Cosmetic gift box "Rosehip seed oil" (soap, lip balm, bath salt)

The rosehip - the fruit of the wild rose - has been a traditional herb for hundreds of years in Europe for its natural health benefits: it is high in vitamins and other nutrients. The rosehip seed oil is very rare, unique oil, one of the worlds best cosmetic oils. The rosehip seeds are hard to press and require special pressing technology. The valuable oil is extremly high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and A, phytosterols and other antioxidant ingredients. It helps rebuilding the sun-damaged skin, supports collagen production, has an anti-aging and firming effect and naturally improves its elasticity. For the Grapoila rosehip seed cosmeticts we use the oil, the flesh and the fruit extract, as well and combine them with other natural herbal ingredients to create the best and most intense skin care effects.

Available in christmas package.

Contents of the rosehip seed oil cosmetic box:

1 lip balm with rosehip seed oil, 6 g

1 rosehip seed oil soap, 100g

1 bath salt with rosehip seed oil, 120 g