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Salad oil mix

This is a cold pressed oil mixture, which is rich in Omega -3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. It is suitable for seasoning salads and cold dishes. It contains 64% corn germ oil, 16% sunflower seed oil, 11% hemp seed oil and 9% flaxseed oil.

People usually don’t consume enough Omega- 3 fatty acids. This can be addressed by adding flaxseed oil to our diet on a daily basis as its Omega-3 fatty acid is significantly high. However, its slightly bitter taste makes this an unpleasant option.. As a solution, we created a mixture where you can find flax seed oil with its whole positive nutritional values and with an ideal omega 3:6 fatty acid ratio. This mixture is high in Vitamin E and at the same time, it improves  the taste of our every-day salads.

Both conventional and organic version available.