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Almond Flour

Due to its high vitamin E content, almond flour helps body recovery and fighting oxidative stress factors.

It is rich in vitamin B-, P and also in minerals. Its protein and fibre content is high but low in carbohydrates which makes almond flour ideal for recovery after sport activities.

Like our other seed flours, almonds and its flour are gluten-free.

It is a favoured by those following a paleo or ketogenic diet (its carbohydrate content is about 10%).

Its pleasent almond taste adds flavour to cakes, breads, brioches and muffins. It can also be used itself as a base flour.

It can absorb large amounts of liquid and fat making it an excellent thickening agent. It is also perfect for breading.

We offer it in a fatty (the whole seed is milled, together with its oil content)  and defatted form as well.